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New TeleRad / TeleHealth platform increases efficiency, compliance, patient engagement and revenue!

Integrated Modular Systems Inc. (IMSI) has partnered with OFFSITE Image Management Inc. to provide TeleRAD360 - a completely integrated web-based TeleRadiology and TeleHeatlh platform for imaging centers, hospitals and reporting physicians. The TeleRAD360 platform provides imaging centers with fast and efficient imaging department workflow... from exam order to final report.

Imaging centers, clinics and hospitals connect easily and securely to the TeleRAD360 cloud. TeleRAD360 accepts any medical imaging and interfaces with virtually any EMR and billing system. With complete imaging department workflow built in, TeleRAD360 provides the ultimate web-based experience for all medical imaging users so they can manage, view and report from anywhere using virtually any PC, tablet, or mobile device. Web-based zero-client access enables fast access to TeleRAD360 for referring physicians, imaging technologists, radiologists, specialists, managers and even patients!

The TeleRAD360 platform creates a seamless communication between the imaging center and the reporting physician team, ensuring accountability on both sides. Imaging centers and hospitals can enable their own reading physicians on the TeleRAD360 platform or choose among the existing TeleRAD360 reading physician groups - providing imaging centers with incredible power of choice across accredited reading physician groups.

At the heart of TeleRAD360 is four main components:

1. RIS: Web-Based Radiology Information System (RIS)

2. PACS: Web-Based Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS)

3. VOICE: Web-Based Speech Recognition (VOICE)

4. InterOp: Any EMR / Clinical / Billing System InterOperability for seamless data flow

These components, combined with over 40 years of medical imaging experience, give TeleRAD360 clients an extremely cost-effective, powerful and scalable solution.

"TeleRAD360 has been a huge success with our clients. The combination of RIS, PACS, VOICE and interfacing capabilities go above and beyond the great features that our healthcare clients require," says Geoff Mazur, Vice President at Integrated Modular Systems Inc. (IMSI). "One recent success story is a Teleradiology group in the midwest comprised of 5 radiologists who service seven critical access hospitals across a vast region. Each hospital completes approximately 10,000 annual imaging procedures including CT, Mammography, MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound and more. Typing hundreds of reports per day into separate hospital systems would be impossible for the radiologists and medical transcription costs are not realistic. The TeleRAD360 solution makes HIPAA-compliant imaging management, diagnostic viewing and reporting possible at a great cost. The cloud-based platform allows for the technologists, radiologists referring physicians and managers to login and work from anywhere. Even patients have access to their reports and images with our PatientCONNECT™ feature!"

TeleRAD360 enhances imaging department workflow, efficiency and compliance. The cloud-based system allows imaging technologists to efficiently complete exams, communicate with the reading physician teams, view exams, add data and more. Custom workflow screens can be tailored to meet any need. For managers, all data can be reported upon with IMSI Analyitcs, providing Turn Around Time (TAT) reports, volumes, BIRADS® use by Radiologist and much more. For physicians, web-based diagnostic viewing reporting, speech recognition and imaging department staff communication creates a seamless reading, reporting and efficiency. For patients, web-based IMSI PatientCONNECT™ access from anywhere with virtually any smartphone, tablet or PC provides easy and secure access to reports, images and more - eliminating the need for CD burning at the imaging center!

"Many EMR systems have poor imaging department workflow," Geoff adds, "which creates measurable waste and lost revenue for the imaging centers and hospitals." To help mitigate these losses, the TeleRAD360 platform enables imaging center clients to utilize the powerful web-based RIS capabilities built within TeleRAD360. "True RIS imaging department workflow tools and analytics to help measure key metrics like technologist workflow and physician report turn around is critical to maximizing imaging revenues today," continues Geoff. "The cloud-based TeleRAD360 platform provides a complete web-based solution which interfaces to the imaging center EMRs and creates seamless workflow with maximum benefit to the imaging center bottom line, referring satisfaction, and ultimately a better solution for patients.”

Geoff Mazur is a Vice President at Integrated Modular Systems Inc. (IMSI) based in Havertown, Pennsylvania.

Email: Corporate website:

OffSite Image Management Inc. of St. Joseph, Missouri is a leading healthcare imaging and TeleRAD360 provider.


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