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imsiVOICE™ Cloud Speech Recognition Solution


1. Fully Cloud Based - Simple to deploy and easy to install.

2. Portable and EMR agnostic

3. Faster dictation return

4. Works on MAC and PC

5. Macro and template automation tools

6. Very affordable

Simplify Clinical Workflow.  Maximize Efficiency.
imsiVOICE™ converts speech to text in seconds, making clinical documentation easier for clinicians documenting in EMR, PACS, RIS, PMS and any electronic system.  Use your voice to dictate notes, automate keystrokes, apply coding (e.g., ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC, etc.) and more.


Be Specific with Point-of-Care Coding
With the optional Code Fast service, eliminate guesswork AND rework when it comes to  ICD-10 or other coding standards. Dictate your notes and use voice commands to create structured data with the right level of detail in seconds – at the point of care!


Works with the EMR, PACS, RIS and Clinical Systems You Use Every Day
imsiVOICE™ is designed to work seamlessly with any EMR, both desktop and web-based. It’s well suited for use with all popular EMR systems, supports a wide variety of medical specialties, and can easily be configured to support your organization’s unique vocabulary. imsiVOICE™ also works directly with practice management systems, Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Microsoft Office, Gmail, and virtually any other application for Windows and Mac OS. It is designed to operate efficiently within virtualized desktop environments, and does not require any dedicated network software or equipment.

Contact IMSI now for a free consultation and quote at:

800-220-XRAY  or

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