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In 2024 flexibility and innovation, while maintaining or building operations, is key to providing the services our patients and communities depend on, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  IMSI RIS and PACS solutions offer an intuitive workflow for radiologists and technologists, while accommodating remote staff.  Contact us for more information.

IMSI RIS-PACS combines a fully featured RIS, a world acclaimed PACS, a Web viewer, and voice recognition to provide a complete diagnostic imaging, workflow, and teleradiology solution for any hospital, urgent care, women's health, orthopedic, chiropractic or imaging center. Zero footprint technology assures easy access as an offsite cloud-based subscription or an onsite installation.











The imsiFORMS-CAPTURE™ Tablet, a small footprint, half- or full-page tablet display, with electronic pen, displays patient interview and consent forms for patient update and signing.  During idle time, the tablet also displays videos, ads and more.  It offers all the display advantages of a high-performance tablet without IT drawbacks.  The forms are retained with the patient history, and recalled and updated as necessary.  The forms are automatically uploaded to the PACS. 


Complete web-based RIS with scheduling, order entry, technologist workflow, radiologist reporting, clinician reporting, transcription and much more.  Integrates with any PACS, EMR or clinical system.  Hosted within the imsiCloud as a subscription service.


Patient engagement solution providing patients with access to their own images, reports, labs and more.  Eliminates patient CD burning and integrates with any PACS, EMR or clinical system.  Hosted within the imsiCloud as a subscription service.

imsiCareTRACK™ with NLP and AI

imsiCareTRACK™  utilizes natural language processing and artificial intelligence "AI" to provide more accurate patient care plans.  This informs the patient tracking, letter follow up and coding for specialty (eg. mammography, lung, etc) imaging and compliance (eg. FDA, CDRH, and MQSA...


Teleradiology System for the Pandemic and Beyond

The easy to use teleradiology platform for radiologist and clinician teams provides services to an array of imaging centers and hospitals, integrating with any PACS, EMR or clinical system...

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