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imsiTeleRAD™ TeleRadiology Platform


The imsiTeleRAD solution combines RIS, PACS, VOICE and Interoperability technologies to provide a complete TeleRadiology platform, enabling reading radiologists to serve an unlimited number of imaging centers and hospitals.  Additionally, the imsiTeleRAD platform provides hospitals with a complete cloud web-based RIS and PACS solution for complete imaging department workflow, from order to report.

Hospitals and Imaging Centers

Utilize imsiTeleRAD for web-based scheduling, order entry, tech completion, image viewing, imaging workflow, clinician communication, analytics, report access, TAT reports and more.

Reporting Clinicians

Utilize imsiTeleRAD for web-based image viewing, reporting, speech recognition and communication with hospital and imaging center staff.


Utilize imsiPatientCONNECT™ for web-based check-in, screening forms, viewing final report and images.  Patients can use virtually any smartphone, tablet or PC for access.

IMSI has over 35 years of Innovation, Experience and Service in medical imaging.  The imsiTeleRAD platform is completely web-based and can be implemented on-premise, cloud hosted by IMSI or a third party.  Extremely efficient and totally scalable, the imsiTeleRAD platform can be integrated with any EMR, PACS or clinical systems.


The IMSI pro services team utilizes certified IT project management methodology to help size, plan, implement and integrate this solution for you to ensure your implementation is done properly, on schedule and within your budget.

Contact IMSI now for a free consultation and quote at:

610-789-7000  or

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