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The imsiPatientCONNECT™ solution helps increase patient safety, patient engagement and brand loyalty while eliminating the need for CD burning.  Patients fully engage in their healthcare with access to clinical results, medical images, lab results, radiation dose, marketing and any information your healthcare facility wishes to provide.  Patients reduce unnecessary re-imaging by always having access to their medical images and providing that access to specialists as needed.

imsiPatientCONNECT™ is compatible with virtually any device, smartphone, tablet or PC.

The Card is the Key!

For Patients:

The imsiPatientCONNECT™ Card is a unique card providing patients with secure mobile device / smartphone access to:

• Medical images and reports

• Patient screening forms

• Radiation dose tracking

• Access to other health information, EMR records or portals

• Multi-factor authentication for security


For Referring Providers:

The imsiPatientCONNECT™ solution allows referrers to easily and securely access images and results from your imaging center, urgent care or hospital....   with virtually any device!


For Hospitals, Urgent Care and Imaging Centers:

• Eliminate CD burning

• Electronic patient forms and efficient workflow

Increase patient engagement (great for Meaningful Use!)

• Increase patient loyalty to your facility

• Increase patient safety

• Increase referrals

• Boost brand loyalty (e.g. Hospital loyalty card)

• Powerful ACO (Accountable Care Organization) tool

• Reduce re-imaging

• Lead your region with innovation, rise above your competition

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