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MED-TAB is here!

MED-TAB  -  The Portable Radiology Workstation

The world’s first DICOM-calibrated tablet for superior, portable medical image viewing is now faster, lighter, thinner and brighter!  The MED-TAB is perfect for portable image viewing anywhere - patient bedside, Emergency Room, Surgery or anywhere remote from the healthcare facility.  MED-TAB stands above consumer-grade products which cannot provide DICOM compliance and grayscale depth.


MED-TAB is honored to be the Winner of the prestigious 2016 international iF Design Award!

Order now by calling 610-789-7000 or go to the IMSI Contact page to request pricing and availability.

MED-TAB version 2 is lighter, faster, thinner and brighter!

New MED-TAB  Features:

  • Convenient, portable, fast and secure.

  • 13.3" diagonal anti-glare

  • DICOM Calibrated brightness 350  cd/m2

  • High 2MP Resolution - 1920 x 1080 pixels

  • Diagnostic medical greyscale and color mode

  • Ambient light sensors - indicates if surrounding light is suitable

  • Android 4.4 OS

  • WiFi

  • Quad Core CPU

  • Medical Grade Power Supply

  • 11-bit grayscale with DICOM calibration

  • GrayScale Display Function (GSDF) comliant

  • Stylus Pen for fast, accurate measurements (and no greasy fingerprints)

  • Includes unique USB grayscale adjustment tool

  • Antiglare screen for superb image analysis

  • Incredibly stable Android 4.4 OS

  • Onsite and remote training for providers available by IMSI PRO Services Team

  • IMSI Support Team always available for help

Sample User Cases:


Bedside diagnostic image access

Emergency Room

Mobile / Portable Backup PACS

Radiology and TeleRadiology

Remote diagnostic workstation

Remote imaging demonstration or education

Peer Review

MED-TAB devices can be integrated to your existing PACS solutions, or become the backup PACS solution or be your primary PACS solution.  Completely portable DICOM viewing from anywhere.  Contact IMSI now for details.

Order now by calling 610-789-7000  or go to the IMSI Contact page to request pricing and availability.

Contact IMSI now for a free consultation and quote at:

610-789-7000  or

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