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About IMSI


For almost 50 years, IMSI has been developing innovative software solutions for the healthcare and medical imaging world.  We utilize the best data platform in healthcare IT today to develop and customize solutions for our clients.  Our clients include hospitals, imaging centers, urgent care, athletic (NFL® & MLB®) stadiums,  universities and medical imaging vendor partners.


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Our mission: empower patients, clinicians and partners.

Empowering Patients

Patients need access to information so they can make informed decisions about their healthcare. The imsiPatient CONNECT™ suite can provide patients with web-based access to patient forms, scheduling, reports, medical images, education and more.  The imsiCareTRACK suite with "AI" utilizes Artificial Intelligence to provide patients with more accurate care plans than ever before, empowering patients with better information and guidance.

Empowering Clinicians

Clinicians require efficiency and accuracy to properly diagnose and advise patients.  IMSI solutions like the imsiTeleRAD™ platform provide complete web-based workflows for clinicians to efficiently communicate with clients, view images, diagnose, report and consult with patients - from anywhere, using virtually any device!  Interoperability ensures clinicians have all relevant patient data at their finger tips - the imsiINTEGRATOR plays a key role by interfacing and interoperability between any EMR, PACS or clinical systems.

Empowering Partners

All IMSI solutions are designed to be web-based, compatible with any device, deployable to physical or virtual servers and easily implemented to a cloud.  This enables IMSI partners to include IMSI solutions upon their imaging devices, locally to their client's servers or host their own cloud with IMSI solutions.  Contact IMSI today to become an IMSI partner.

Contact IMSI now for a free consultation and quote at:

610-789-7000  or

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