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The imsiINTEGRATOR™ Interoperability Engine


The imsiINTEGRATOR™ Interoperability Engine enables healthcare facilities to fully interface Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Picture Archive Communication Systems (PACS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Practice Management Systems.  The IMSI pro services team have over 30 years of experience in systems integration and interfacing.  There is no interface project we cannot tackle.


Any EHR, EMR, PMS and more.  The imsiINTEGRATOR™ Interoperability Engine is the answer to your data silos.  The IMSI PRO Services Team can help you break down the barriers of different systems to increase efficiency and compliance across your organization.



As a leader in healthcare technology innovation, IMSI consistently offers healthcare facilities the tools and technology to succeed.  The IMSI HIE Interoperability solution is an innovative health service bus powered by the world’s first and best enterprise service bus designed specifically for the demands of the healthcare information technology environment.

The IMSI HIE Interoperability solution allows healthcare facilities to:
  • Offer patients easy access to medical records, labs, reports and medical images.

  • Share clinical information and medical images between veterinary clinics and hospitals for safer care, efficient care and better patient outcomes.

  • Analyze and understand all of the clinical information, structured and unstructured

  • Act on that clinical information understanding to drive improvements in care and efficiency

It's all about interoperability.  With imsiPatientCONNECT, you can offer a patient portal to your clients which gives them access to medications, labs, orders, medical images and more.... not just from your facility, but from any facility connected to your private, local, regional, state or national HIE.


Let IMSI help your organization setup a private HIE or connect to an existing HIE... and let the interoperability begin!

Contact IMSI now for a free consultation and quote at:

610-789-7000  or

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