My Key to ImageWebGate®

Patient Engagement for ACA Readiness


Patient engagement in their own health care is one of the six National Quality Strategy priorities, and has become an important focus of MU2 to improve patient care outcomes and coordination. A patient portal gives patients access, control, and ability to distribute their medical images and medical documents. The My Key To ImageWebGate® patient portal, based on a patent-pending technology, provides the patient with a secure and convenient format to view, download, or transmit their health information to another healthcare provider.

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Mammo ViewBox Advanced

Powered by Connect Imaging, Inc.


Breakthrough workstation for digital mammography implements hanging protocols with staged views, providing unlimited layouts and comparison presentations for the radiologist. It has been integrated with imsi-Voice Interactive, our hosted RIS and digital voice system, to provide the radiologist with an unparalleled tool for reading digital mammography in a fully integrated workstation environment.


ViewBox Advanced

Powered by Connect Imaging, Inc.

Breakthrough workstation for general radiology reading implements hanging protocols the way that the radiologist wants to display current studies with relevant prior studies. The radiologist starts the review immediately. The pre-selected images are combined with configurable tools and on-screen demographics.



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imsi PACSa fast DICOM archive and a web-based image viewing and management interface

with Intuitive DICOM Image Viewing and Manipulation on tablets, smart phones, and the WEB

Click here to download .pdf specifications for imsiPACS


imsi RIS-X2™ cloud-hosted, redundant, remote radiology information system and data repository with web-based secure access to all RIS functions from anywhere at anytime

Click to download .pdf specifications for imsiRIS-X2




imsiVOICE-Interactive with Hosted Voice Recognition powered by SayIt

Not just integrated and interoperable, but also an interactive digital dictation system with Hosted Voice Recognition!

imsiVOICE-Interactiveis not just integrated and interoperable, but interactive, providing a single click interactive interface to imsiRIS-X2 and imsiPACS, or other vendors’ RIS and PACS products, coordinating the radiologist with the PACS worklist and launching windows for medical images, and previous history.  Reports are produced using hosted voice recognition powered by SayIt, or transcription, accessing hosted voice files, and automatically transmitted to RIS, HIS, EMR, and to fax and email services. 


Cloud Hosted ImageWebGate® Service Provides Mobile Digital Voice Results to Hospitals and Health Networks


Integrated Modular Systems Presents A Paperless Voice Results Reporting Solution Interactive with RIS, PACS and OneList Universal Worklist Using InterSystems Corporation Ensemble®... read on










The Cloud-Hosted Solution (SaaS) for RIS/Data Repository, Image Management, Viewing, Digital Dictation, Reporting, Results Delivery, Archiving and Business Continuity-All Over the Web


Click to download .pdf specifications for imsiImageWebGate®







Click to download .pdf specifications for imsiINTEGRATOR

INTEGRATORmakes medical data and digitized images immediately available online to referring physicians, in both hospital and ambulant care. In addition to HL7 interfaces, we have developed a secure web-based interface engine for communication with other web-based or thick client-based medical information systems.


Interfaces being used in production to:

Connect Imaging, Inc.
GE Centricity
IMAGE Information Systems, Ltd.
McKesson MediSoft
McKesson Paragon
Merge Advanced Visualization/PACS
MIET Healthcare - Phoenix OB/Gyn Reporting Suite
Picis IBEX - Emergency Room EMR
Relay Health
Siemens Invision










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