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Integrated Modular Systems Inc. Partners with InterSystems® Corporation to Use the IRIS™ for Health

InterSystems® IRIS™ is a complete, cloud-first, unified data platform that enables organizations to rapidly develop, deploy, and maintain real-time, data-rich solutions. Unlike other approaches that require implementing and integrating multiple technologies, InterSystems® IRIS™ provides many of the critical capabilities required by solution developers in a single product, including:

  • Multi-workload (simultaneous transactional and analytic) database management capabilities;

  • Multimodel (relational, multidimensional, object, and document) database management capabilities;

  • A comprehensive interoperability platform for integrating disparate data silos and application; and

  • Structured, unstructured, and open analytics capabilities supporting both batch and real-time use cases

InterSystems IRIS supports and automates deployment to various environments. These capabilities enable organizations to deploy applications flexibly and quickly, scale out and in as needed, and adopt Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD), DevOps, and other agile methodologies.

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